The Marketing Framework For Professional Speakers

The Marketing Framework is your playbook for:

  • finding your target audience and expanding it
  • creating raving fans
  • establishing yourself as the “go-to” authority in your niche
  • finding and securing high-quality bookings
  • staying fully booked
  • charging higher fees
  • scaling your business


Make your website the centre of all your online activity. Get effective strategies to to turn your website into a lead-generating asset.


Develop your thought leadership into products that people will buy such as workshops, seminars, books and podcasts. 

Personal Brand

Transform your visibility, leverage your credibility and have clients come to you rather than you having to go to them. Create an in-demand brand.

Thought Leadership

Stay ahead of your field by mastering strategies to constantly expand your material. Discover how to develop and market your keynote topics to win more speaking engagements.


The bedrock of your speaking business, your list is crucial. Find out how to massively build your list on autopilot and constantly expand your circle of influence.

Web Presence

Your web presence backs up everything you do to build and strengthen your personal brand. As well as your website it includes your Social Media channels, email newsletters, guest posts, interviews and podcast appearances.

Content Marketing

Learn how to create content that brings clients to you. Employ strategies that will help you produce great content that people want to consume and share with others.

PR & Media

Make PR and the media work for you by finding the right contacts for your needs. Identify the promotional materials that you need to fully utilise this important element of marketing.


Video as a marketing tool is about much more than your speaker showreel. Discover how to create a successful video channel that leverages your expertise and positions you as a sought-after thought leader.

Lead Generation

A growing list of clients and prospects will keep your business running and growing. Learn how to build a strong list of prospects and clients who want to book you when the time is right.

Online Advertising

Implement advertising judiciously and effectively to boost your speaking business. If you do have an in-demand brand, advertising is worth considering to capture more traffic.

Referral Programme

Master this area and activate your own programme to make marketing your keynotes and thought leadership easier for you month on month.