The 12 Marketing Pillars For Speakers

Our 12 Marketing Pillars programme covers the vital marketing activities that you need to undertake to develop a continuous stream of enquiries and bookings.

Your List

The bedrock of all good speaker marketing. Discover how to build a list of followers, fans, clients, industry contacts and prospects.


The #1 way to get paid speaking engagements flooding in. After  your list, this is the most essential tool in your marketing arsenal.

Web Presence

Align your entire web presence across your websites, social media, email, blog and profiles. 


Implement advertising judiciously and effectively to boost your speaking business.



Unleash the marketing power of video to build your business and turn your YouTube channel into a lead generation tool.

Client Relationships

Approach your client relationships in ways that generate more bookings, higher fees and more enquiries.

Referral Programme

Follow the systematic approach that will get clients and contacts to refer and recommend you to colleagues and peers.

Industry Relationships

Find the associations, groups, organisations and bureaus that you need to work with to build your business further.

Topic Development

Learn how to select the right topics for your audience and how to use research efficiently to stay current and relevant.

Content Marketing

Utilise the most powerful content marketing strategies to share your thought leadership without compromising your intellectual property.

Product Creation

Roll out your thought leadership into articles, workshops, seminars, books, videos, podcasts and online courses to develop multiple streams of income.

PR & Media

Quickly and easily create a full portfolio of promotional materials and activities that make it easier for you to utilise the power of the media to grow your brand and your following.