Our External Talent Advisors

Our External Talent Advisors are trusted by some of the world’s most successful organisations to help them select, secure and hire the external talent they need.

What We Do

Free Consultation

We provide free advice and guidance to help you find the most suitable external talent to assist your organisation.


Through the Speakers Associates agency, we represent some of the world’s best keynote and conference speakers, consultants, coaches, trainers and executive advisors.


Our clients are available for executive meetings and retreats, annual conferences, internal events, organisational development programmes, executive and management coaching, workshops and board-level advisory sessions.

Patrick Nelson

I help organisations find and select the right consultant or advisor for their executives and senior management.

I specialise in providing external talent in Leadership, Employee Engagement, Innovation, Teamwork, Change Management, Performance, Strategy & Sustainability.

Esther Nelson

I represent and work with some of the best keynote and conference speakers in the world. I work with organisations and event planners who are looking for the right speaker for their internal and client events.

Many of my speakers also provide coaching and advisory services in the areas of Leadership, Employee Engagement, Teamwork, Talent Management, Organisational Performance and Strategy.