6 Ways To Use LinkedIn As A Professional Speaker

There are many ways of using LinkedIn which support your business goals as a professional speaker. Here are our top six.

1. Increase awareness through amplification: As with Twitter, you can raise awareness through amplification; your network connections sharing your posts, activity and updates. There is an added benefit with LinkedIn though: people can also share your content with others in their companies.

2. Find leads: You can find, connect and build relationships with prospective clients on LinkedIn.

3. Receive testimonials and recommendations: People can directly leave you recommendations and testimonials on LinkedIn which appear not only on your profile but also as links from their profiles, increasing the likelihood of their peers finding and connecting with you.

4. Develop your thought leadership: Raise your profile and build your reputation by getting involved in discussions, posts and comments. If you also publish articles and thought-leadership pieces on LinkedIn, these will be distributed to your contacts and may also promoted on Pulse, LinkedIn’s news and insights page.

5. Gain referrals: LinkedIn is the leading business-to-business online networking platform, making it easy for your contacts to share, endorse and introduce you to their network.

6. Undertake market research: You can gain more insight into organisations, industries, sectors and brands as well as engage in discussions to raise your profile.