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Client Testimonials

“Patrick is a master of communication and conveyor of ideas. He understands how people learn and succeed and applies this to supporting clients… His recommendations help my business communication tremendously and he is a master of digital influence. I highly recommend Patrick as a marketer and awesome human being!”

Arthur Carmazzi

World Top 10 Ranked Leadership & Culture Professional, Bestselling Author

“The quality of the conversation that I have just had with Patrick has actually left me quite emotional. His honesty, enthusiasm, commercial awareness and dedication to creating ‘win/win/win’ relationships is awe inspiring. The opportunity to work with Patrick over the coming weeks, months and decades is a prospect that I will relish after learning so much in an initial 20 minute conversation. Patrick is quite clearly a world-leading authority on what he does and I’m excited to learn even more!”

Jermaine Harris

Inspirational Speaker, Firewalk Instructor, Peak Performance Coach

“Patrick knows and understands how to market people, with a keen eye on developing trends for speakers and event management. He employs clever, insightful, and forward-thinking approaches to build profiles and cultivate complementary audiences, while targeting organisations to deliver only the most appropriate, compelling speakers.”

Amy Guttman

Speaker, Moderator, Producer & Correspondent: PBS Newshour, BBC , Forbes' Entrepreneurs

“It’s a good job Patrick Nelson is such an excellent agent and that he doesn’t have to make a living as a barista – his terrible coffee is the stuff of legend. But you don’t want your agent to make coffee, you want him to make bookings. And that’s where his knowledge, contacts and expertise in helping speakers develop their thought leadership all pay off. If you want to build up your speaking, he’s your man. But if you meet, I’d recommend asking for a cup of tea.”

Andy Bass

Author and Speaker, Management Advisor, Author, Speaker

“Patrick is truly exceptional when it comes to supporting and taking care of the many speakers that he looks after. He clearly has many years of expertise in this industry and I’m very fortunate to be working with him.

Since I’ve been working with him I have learnt so much and have become more focused on exactly what I need to do in order to be more successful in the space that I occupy.

Patrick has put all of the infrastructure around what I do in place so I can focus on doing what I do best.

I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants greater success in what they do.”

Pete Cohen

Speaker, Coach, GMTV Life Coach

“Patrick has a brilliant marketing mind, combined with the technical expertise to provide outstanding support. He has got alongside me to build a strong and trusting partnership in order to take my work to a new level. He challenges in a clear and candid way which has resulted in upgrading my website, presentations, marketing materials and has put a robust plan in place to ensure we maximise my work. If you want to make a quantum shift in your impact engage Patrick.”

Ben Renshaw

Leadership Expert, Speaker, Coach, Author


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